We are an investment company specialising in M&As and turnarounds

Issy Investments helps like-minded small businesses accomplish successful M&As. We’re a turnaround partner for highly motivated companies that have a clear vision and long-term goal.

Advise. Plan. Execute. We excel at all three thanks to our many years of collective experience advising small businesses. We’re interested in engaging ambitious, high-potential companies that have a clear vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses prosper and their owners secure their financial future. Our bold vision and deep experience allow us to deliver top value every time.

Our Values

Value-Centricity, Integrity, Accountability and Fairness.

Our M&A decisions are based on facts and experience

Insufficient due diligence and overestimating synergies are common contributors to failed M&As. Our visionary investors make rational decisions and predict what the future might look like. We don’t chase after deals but focus on businesses that we can genuinely help.

We have what it takes to help you revitalise your business.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But real-world situations indicate that leadership courage and timely action aren’t enough. You need the right turnaround strategy, charter, management and controls in place to get back on track – all of which we have experiencing executing to a high degree of success!

Smart Decisions = Huge Impact

We determine whether the investment fits our interests. Will we still be attracted to the business in the future when it may expand outside our interest?

Focus on the fundamentals. It is essential to cut through the noise and pay attention to the basics because they matter most at the end of the day.

Keep an eye out for long-term goals and vision. If they’re out of alignment, the partnership will face turbulence, potentially harming the business’s financial health.

We research and reflect. Some acquisitions flop. Understanding the ‘why’ of acquiring a business and reflecting on how similar previous deals have turned out is critical.

We go the extra mile to provide exceptional service. Talk to us today and chart a successful path forward.