Business Turnaround

Bringing businesses back from the brink is our speciality. If you believe it’s time to change course and transform, we can help you sustain and grow your business.

Our approach

A successful turnaround involves an expert analysis of the business situation and efficient implementation of the action plan. We’re knowledgeable about proven turnaround strategies. We determine a suitable plan that can heal your business.

What to expect

Our change management specialists identify your financial opportunities and challenges. Are you facing a crisis that requires emergency actions like cost-cutting or short-term financing? We will invest and help you hit the ground running on urgent turnaround measures.

Does your business need a sales push? We optimise resource utilisation and review your current product/service pricing model to recommend beneficial changes.
We approach turnaround from financial and operational perspectives. Everyday actions pursued include:

Financial Modelling and Projections

Changes to Organisational Structure

Lender and Credit Negotiations

Product Line Rationalisation

Productivity Improvements

Investing Our Own Money

Margin Optimisation


Cost Reductions​


Change must be managed carefully to avoid antagonising or scaring off employees. Our turnaround experts guide you patiently and sensitively so that everyone embraces the change and looks forward to a brighter future. If you consider us to be a good fit, get in touch. Together, we can make great things happen!